Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Hey readers! Here's to a colorful year ahead post Holi :)

Time and again, we are always eager to stop by and say ‘Hi’ to our much-loved readers. Although we have been going through a madness mania presently, come rain or shine, these projects can never keep us apart from you. So while you’re on it, grab a cup of coffee and relax while we take you out on a trip with us!

How have we been?
The couple of months have been quite a roller coaster ride. The New Year came with numerous adrenaline-charged opportunities and we can’t help but share how delighted we are. We have been working with a plethora of clients. The ‘Precisely-Planned-Prudents’, ‘The Generous Connoisseurs’ and ‘The Mellows’, all were equally fun to work with. As rightly said in a Chinese proverb; ‘The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials’.

Where’s the ship sailing to?
Holi was round the corner and Maxim Marcom - high on spirits! We were loaded with exciting projects for our classy and quirky clients alike. Brainstorming sessions, unconventional ideas, unusual visuals, computers cramped with software, printers jammed with new artworks, heaps of rough papers, everything was overflowing in our creative studio. The festive energy had engulfed us entirely. Our creative team wass busy prepping up  ‘graphic-deserts’ infused with couple of exciting promotional activities here, bunch of colorful and peppy artworks there, and sprinkles of witty copies on the top! Be it print or digital, our wings were actively spread everywhere on this festive occasion. Guess this is the right time to ask ourselves, are we all geared up to create something ‘off the beaten track?’ Yes, absolutely! (A unanimous chorus from Maxim Marcom team-In immensely thrilled voices, of course!)

What future beholds?
Well, no one knows that exactly, do they? But sure as hell we are on a meteoric rise since the beginning of this year. All thanks to our wonderful clients and round the clock enthusiastic team, we can proudly foresee a valuable increase in our KPI’s. Audacious? Not at all! We got your good wishes, duh! Hoping you all had a very colourful Holi! ☺
Let's unroll the magic of colors hereafter...

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